Since each satellite installation is unique and to ensure that you pay for only what you really need ( e.g. the use of multiswitches, etc. ) we prefer to provide you with a detailed quote on site. Our prices are currently the cheapest and most affordable in the whole coastal area.


This is the basic satellite installation which provides you with a dish of your choice, 1 point and standard decoder.


Xtra view is the same concept as the old dual view but is achieved in a different medium. The xtra view setup will allow you to view separate channels in two different viewing environments for one subscription. Two decoders are synchronized to give you the xtraview or dual view capability which means for a small extra fee on your monthly premium you get dual view or- in this case- xtraview.

XtraView decoder compatibility 

DSD 1110 -Single View 
DSD 1131 -Single View  
SD PVR –Dual View and records one
HD PVR TDS 850 –Single view and records two 
HD PVR P2 – Single view and records one


If you are thinking about getting the new HD PVR decoder, here are some facts about this stunning product that won’t disappoint. Like the new generation of HDTVs the latest model decoder of multichoice also gives you more vibrant colours with increased richness and intensity of moving pictures. The HD PVR decoder utilizes the widescreen 16:9 format with the incredible cinema-style surround sound that enhances your movie experience. The HD PVR's upgraded hard drive is capable of recording up to 150 hours of standard definition TV and a huge 50 hours of HD TV, more than twice the recording capacity of the SD PVR. While the HD PVR is a single view decoder it allows you to view one channel and record another simultaneously. To solve the problem of the dual view, multi-choice introduced the extra view system that allows you to connect a second single view decoder with its own viewing environment at the same price as the SD PVR. The HD PVR allows you to pause and rewind real time broadcasting TV. Recorded programs can also be fast forwarded and played back in slow motion. This is only some of the amazing functions of the HD PVR decoder.


We provide all types of Custom installations like hotels, apartment blocks, etc.

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